Trade and Industry Minister Stephen Cadiz toured the Arawak and Company at Mausica as part of the ministry’s ongoing visits to business and industrial facilities. The tour was conducted on September 7 on the invitation of the National Poultry Association. In a statement, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said chicken is by far the preferred meat for local consumers.

“Arawak supplies 60 per cent of the processed chicken market and 40 per cent of the live bird market,” read the statement. Arawak and Company, started in 1968, was described as a vertically integrated operation that includes a grain and feed mill, hatchery, broiler farms, two processing plants and a far-reaching distribution network.

The company produces more than 350,000 broilers weekly and more than 18 million chickens a year. The ministry said that members of the National Poultry Association indicated to Cadiz and his team that the industry, the largest sub-sector within agriculture, employs an estimated 10,000 people.

They also highlighted the high level of investment taking place in the sector and the employment opportunities it generates.

Poultry Association of Trinidad & Tobago Media Conference on the local poultry industry (December 2011). Footage from Caribbean New Media Group

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