Which comes first the chicken or the egg?

1,200 of us at Arawak say, whichever stage FIRST for us is always quality. We have the best-tasting chicken in Trinidad & Tobago, that why our motto is ‘It Must Be Arawak’, as we take the greatest care and pride in producing our chicken, by adhering to the best management and quality practices* from farm-gate to plate.

So when you are choosing chicken, make sure It Must Be Arawak!

* Part of these practices include: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points or HACCP – International regulations to improve food safety in the meat industry

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West Indians love chicken!
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Chicken and chips, fried chicken, baked chicken, stewed chicken – you name it, we’re eating it. Which is why at Arawak, we consistently produce the highest quality chicken for the people who love it.

Our focus on quality control begins from the time the chick is hatched and follows through all the way to your plate. Quality is what makes Arawak chicken flavourful.

Tasty. Satisfying. All the qualities you want from the brand you can trust.

Like we said, West Indians love chicken – and they clearly love Arawak! You have made us the premier chicken brand in Trinidad and Tobago and we are honoured to share your meals, be part of your gatherings and be the secret ingredient in your “sweet hand”!

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